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  • RE: Firefighting Foam Discharges to the Waters of the State of Maine - (listed 7/16/2015)
    DEP Letter to MFCA PDF FILE


  • North American Police & Fire Games - Drummonville, Quebec, Canada - July 1 to July 10, 2016
    More Details (site)
  • 2016 Membership Meeting and Networking Luncheon - Hope Fire Station, Hope - July 28, 2016
    Details & Registration PDF FILE


  • Knox County Fire Training Academy presents: RICK LASKY "Pride & Ownership, The Love for the Job" - Rockland - April 30, 2016
    Details PDF FILE
  • 29th Annual Maine State Weekend at the National Fire Academy In Emmitsburg, Maryland - May 13-15, 2016
    Complete Details (site)
  • Drafting & Implementing Effective Fire Department Policies & Procedures - Westbrook - June 1-2, 2016
    Complete Details (site)

  • Kaplan University - Maine Campuses: Online Degree Programs in Fire Science and Emergency Management (listed 7/13/2012)
    Details PDF FILE


  • 1. The Maine Forest Service’s Volunteer Fire Assistance (VFA) program deadline is approaching fast. (listed 2/16/2016)
    The paperwork sent to Fire Departments in January must be signed and returned to the MFS in Augusta by March 15th, 2016. A federal DUNS number is also required. If the paperwork is not completed by the deadline, no reimbursements will be issued. FMI, please contact Kent Nelson 287-4989 ( email: ).
  • 2. The Maine Forest Service is looking for several items to complete their annual Federal Excess Property Inventory. (listed 2/16/2016)
    If your Fire Dept. has trucks or trailers that were acquired in 2011 and are in the new “FFP” program, you may be eligible to receive the title.

    Here are two trucks that they are looking for:
    a. Mid 1980’s vintage Kaiser Jeep M816 5 ton 6 x 6 s/n C127 10514, with winch.
    b. Mid 1980’s vintage Am General M927A1 5 ton 6 x 6 s/n C527-00968.

    *Please note these trucks may have been converted to water tenders. They might not have any labels indicating they are federal excess property. Check the serial numbers carefully before contacting Kent Nelson at 287-4989 ( email:

  • The Maine Fire Protection Services Commission: Final Report to Examine and Develop a Statewide Strategy for the Delivery of Fire and Emergency Medical Services Education and Training through the Maine Community College System (listed 2/5/2016)
    View Report PDF FILE
  • Maine Fire Chiefs' Association Strategic Plan: 2016-2017 (listed 1/27/2016)
    View Strategic Plan Here PDF FILE
  • Bureaus of Air Quality Control and Remediation and Waste Management Guidelines for Compliance with Maine Department of Environmental Protection Rules on Open Burning and Solid Waste Management as Applied to Live Fire Instruction and Training Activities - (listed 1/4/2016)
    Details & Checklist PDF FILE
  • Maine Fire Chiefs Association Federal Property Acquisition - (listed 12/22/2015) The program to acquire Excess Federal property through the Maine Fire Chiefs is in place. In order for Departments to get equipment, we have established a process for screening and freezing items.
    Details & List of Screeners PDF FILE
  • OSHA construction confined space standard - (listed 12/10/2015)
    View Here (site)
  • OSHA’s current policy regarding first aid; this includes response time (listed 12/10/2015)
    View Here (site)
  • Report of the Working Group to Develop Solutions to Meet the Needs for Municipal Volunteers - (listed 12/9/2015)
    Details PDF FILE
  • USDA is offering Rural Developement Community Facility Grant Programs - (listed 5/23/2015)
    Info & Details PDF FILE
  • MFCA Statement of Support for the Guard & Reserve (listed 11/12/2014)
    Full Letter PDF FILE
  • Warden's Report is Offering Communities Free Online Burning Permits!! (listed 7/24/2014)
    About the Warden's Report (site)
  • Lighthouse Uniform Company: Bereavement Uniform Program "Taking Care of Those Who took Care of Us" (listed 10/22/2013) The Bereavement Dress Uniform Program exists to ensure every emergency service provider is afforded the honor and every emergency service provider's family has the opportunity to bury their loved one in a dress uniform, at no cost to the family.
    Details (site)
  • Letter from M&M FIRE CONSULTING INC. on the new ISO grading policy. (listed 6/4/2013)
    Read Letter PDF FILE

Some of the above files are in PDF format: