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  • The Public Safety and Crisis Management Institute at Unity College - Thursday, June 21 and Friday, June 22, 2018. - (listed 1/9/2018)
    Details & Registration (site) Register by January 31 and save 10%!


  • Kaplan University - Maine Campuses: Online Degree Programs in Fire Science and Emergency Management (listed 7/13/2012)
    Details PDF FILE


  • Maine Municipal Association launches a major social media campaign to make people aware of the many excellent career opportunities available in towns and cities across the state. - (listed 2/5/2018)
    HoMEtown Career (site) Discover the Opportunities in Maine's Cities & Towns
  • PHMSA, (Pipeline Hazardous Material Safety Administration) Excavator Requirements - (listed 1/18/2018)
    Dig Safe Letter to Fire Marshalls PDF FILE
    Excavation Enforcement Rule PDF FILE
  • 2017 MFCA Annual Report - (listed 9/28/2017)
    2017 MFCA Annual Report PDF FILE
  • 2016 Annual Report of The Maine State Fire Marshal - (listed 9/22/2017)
    2016 Annual Report (site)
  • What's Happening at the IAFC - (listed 7/24/2017)
    What's Happening at the IAFC (site)
  • MFCA / Maine Forest Service Memorandum of Understanding Relating to the DoD Fire Fighter Property Program - (listed 5/5/2017)
    Memorandum Details PDF FILE
  • DHHS - MaineCare Ambulance Rate Study - (listed 4/20/2017)
    View Report PDF FILE
  • DHHS - Community Paramedicine Reimbursement Research Report - (listed 4/20/2017)
    View Report PDF FILE
  • The 2017 MFCA Administrative Guide is NOW AVAILABLE on the "Forms & Guides" page - (listed 2/15/2017)(Complete with Inserts)
    Link to Forms & Guides page
  • Maine IAAI Announces the Joseph C. Menezes Scholarship for Fire Science, EMS, or Law Enforcement Program Students - (listed 2/10/2017) (Applications due by December)
    View Details PDF FILE
  • 2016 Assessment of Maine Emergency Medical Services System (listed 2/7/2017)
    View Assessment PDF FILE
  • ? Hurst Jaws of Life Authorized Dealer (listed 2/7/2017)
    Authorized Dealer Verification Letter from HURST PDF FILE
  • The Maine DHHS listed a Mainecare Ambulance Rate Study & a Community Paramedicine Reimbursement Research Report (listed 1/16/2017)
    More Details PDF FILE
  • The Maine Fire Protection Services Commission: Final Report to Examine and Develop a Statewide Strategy for the Delivery of Fire and Emergency Medical Services Education and Training through the Maine Community College System (listed 2/5/2016)
    View Report PDF FILE
  • Bureaus of Air Quality Control and Remediation and Waste Management Guidelines for Compliance with Maine Department of Environmental Protection Rules on Open Burning and Solid Waste Management as Applied to Live Fire Instruction and Training Activities - (listed 1/4/2016)
    Details & Checklist PDF FILE
  • Maine Fire Chiefs Association Federal Property Acquisition - (listed 12/22/2015) The program to acquire Excess Federal property through the Maine Fire Chiefs is in place. In order for Departments to get equipment, we have established a process for screening and freezing items.
    Details & List of Screeners PDF FILE
  • OSHA construction confined space standard - (listed 12/10/2015)
    View Here (site)
  • OSHA's current policy regarding first aid; this includes response time (listed 12/10/2015)
    View Here (site)
  • Report of the Working Group to Develop Solutions to Meet the Needs for Municipal Volunteers - (listed 12/9/2015)
    Details PDF FILE
  • USDA is offering Rural Developement Community Facility Grant Programs - (listed 5/23/2015)
    Info & Details PDF FILE
  • MFCA Statement of Support for the Guard & Reserve (listed 11/12/2014)
    Full Letter PDF FILE

Some of the above files are in PDF format: